Living Wallpaper Editor

Important: The Editor is just for evaluation purpose. It is totally alpha.


The Editor allows you to create Living Wallpapers for the Wallpaper Engine Pro. You need Java 6 installed to run the editor. Download the Wallpaper Editor (use save link as) and double-click to start the editor.

A quick guide will be available soon, so just a few hints to get you started:

  1. Create a directory where you want to store your images for your world.
  2. Create a new world in the editor in that directory.
  3. Add images to populate your world.
  4. Add animations to your images to create a living world.
  5. Use the Worldview to watch your world.
  6. Use the Export to Android to create a worlds-file.
  7. Copy this exported file to your device in the "worlds"-folder. This folder should exist if you have your Wallpaper Engine Pro running.
  8. Restart/Reselect the Wallpaper Engine Pro as your Live Wallpaper.
  9. Select your wallpaper in the preferences.
  10. Enjoy