Since 2014: Vodafone Web Domain Architect

The last project (2014): "Visual Logistics"

"Visual Logistics" is a map-based logistics software for large-scale logistics enterprises such as airports and train stations.

HTML5 has become a driving force in the browser market allowing for a wide range of new features.
"Visual Logistics" takes advantage of the cutting-edge technology browsers have to offer and of utilizing the possibilites of the Cloud.
Combined with the numerous possibilities in the mobile-computer-market we have used our expert knowledge to start the "Visual Logistics" project.

"Visual Logistics" is loosely based on the award-winning-project AirSide at the Munich Airport we have taken it one step further into the future.

Project "Wallpaper Clocks"

A small project showing online clocks optimized for iPhone and iPad.

A project which we undertook to get into the field of HTML, Android and the mobile market.